Emirates Foundation Advisory Board “SHABABNA” kick starts its first introductory meeting in Abu Dhabi

Led by youth, The Emirates Foundation “Shababna” Platform  aims to create an enabling environment for Emirati youth to innovate and actively participate in redesigning the Foundation’s youth agenda, allowing them to contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation.


“Shababna” will conduct introductory meetings across all emirate, encouraging youth to join and support the Foundation in realizing its vision.

What is Shababna”?

Shababna is the Emirates Foundation Advisory Program through which youth will propose ideas and initiatives that voices their thoughts and aspirations.

Who are Shababna”?

Shababna represent Emirates Foundation’s distinguished youth who have been exceptionally delivering above and beyond throughout the past years.

Goals of “Shababna”

Empower and motivate youth to achieve their highest potential  by proactively contributing creative ideas and initiatives serving the vision and mission of Emirates Foundation.