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SANID is an emergency response volunteering program that draws on the strengths of proven international models. It unites volunteers and prepares them to cope with national and international emergencies, thus demonstrating the country’s readiness to manage any crisis situation. The program is offering services to corporates interested in building their own emergency preparedness and government entities seeking to build this skill set nationwide.

Think Science

Think Science aims to offset the decline in young people studying Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by getting them inspired about the professional opportunities in this space. The program aims to excite youth about the application of science in the modern world, encourage them to pursue their studies in this area and connect them to businesses looking for STEM talent.

Esref Sah

Esref Sah promotes financial literacy amongst Emirati youth helping young people to manage their personal finances better. This is done through education about budgeting and saving and also through peer mentors. It also works with the education authorities to embed financial literacy into the national curriculum and with financial institutions to help them better serve their customers.


Kafa’at aims to encourage more youth to join the private sector by helping them become ‘job ready’. It provides leadership skills and knowledge about enterprise and social enterprise through training, mentoring and internships. Through its various modules, the program aims to inspire youth about a career in business and to connect private sector companies to top local talent.


Kayani helps those young people who leave formal education prematurely to redirect their career from an academic one into a vocational one. It helps give young people a second chance to build a career based on technical rather than academic skills. Kayani also helps businesses connect with local youth with vocational skills.

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We offer six innovative, engaging programs - devised after careful research of current market demands - specially designed to help you navigate the complexities of 21st-century living in the UAE. From emergency response volunteering to developing financial literacy, our programs cover a range of challenges and needs.

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We’ve partnered with a number of major players across a variety of private-sector industries, as well as key UAE government entities, to make sure we’re working with the very best people for your future.