What is Dawamee Program?

Dawamee aims to enable and empower unemployed youth across the UAE. It supports them in developing a career based on market-driven demand and yet can be accessed remotely or on part time bases. Through the launch of the first specialized on-line portal to provide flexible and remote job opportunities.

Target Group

Youth aging 18-35 years, with priorities given to low-income individuals, and those living on remote area, across the UAE

The Online Dawamee Portal

The first national online portal specialized in providing remote and flexible job opportunities that cater to both market and youth needs.

Dawamee Portal Objectives

Awareness across all sectors of the importance of flexible and remote jobs
Collaboration with various sectors to cater for their growing needs and youth’s social demands.
Linking youth looking for flexible or remote job opportunities with the various sectors across the UAE.

Dawamee Portal Services

Provide customized trainings to equip youth with the required skills
Interview candidates and shortlist the ones most qualified for the job.
Provide consultation services around flexible and remote working systems and policies.