Terms & Conditions


Welcome. We have updated the privacy policy and registration requirements on the portal for both employers and jobseekers in a manner that ensures that the rights and obligations of all parties involved are equally safeguarded. The updates have been made to fulfill the mutual objectives and responsibilities for which the portal is intended.

This Program aims at creating new and attractive employment opportunities by leveraging an advanced online portal which offers Emirati nationals flexible part-time and remote jobs in various economic sectors to meet market and employers’ demands. Dawamee Program targets all job-seeking UAE citizens aged 18 years and older, people of determination (people with special needs), low-income individuals, and residents of remote regions.

The following are the key points to be taken into consideration when using Dawamee Program:

When browsing our website, and in relation to all employment affairs, all employers, jobseekers, and visitors of the portal must adhere to acceptable professional conduct and comply with the laws and regulations in force in the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
  • We hereby notify you that the Emirates Foundation is the developer of “Dawamee” online portal. However, the Emirates Foundation shall not be responsible for any contracts that are signed or that may be signed between employers and registered candidates, regardless of whether Dawamee Program facilitates such opportunities or not.

Job Seekers

  • Dawamee Program works with partners and employers who offer and provide flexible and part-time employment opportunities to UAE citizens.
  • Jobseekers agree to using all resources available on the Dawamee Portal for personal and non-commercial purposes. They also agree not to sell, distribute, or disclose any content available on Dawamee website, including job offers, to any third party or to publish such content on any other website.
  • The Emirates Foundation shall not be responsible for the employment of individuals through the online portal. Employers who list and offer employment opportunities shall be solely responsible for making decisions in relation to the employment of candidates registered on the online portal.
  • The Emirates Foundation shall not be responsible for the coordination of potential employment opportunities for registered candidates, as the employer shall be solely responsible for the final selection of registered candidates according to their absolute discretion.
  • The Emirates Foundation shall not be responsible for the transfer of a successful candidate to another location for employment purposes.
  • Following a signed contractual agreement with the employer organization, any grievances, complaints or suggestions by the candidate must be directed and handled by the employer organization and not Emirates Foundation.
  • Upon signing a contact with an employer, any grievances, complaints, or suggestions by a candidate shall be directed to the employer to address.
  • The registration process through Dawamee’s online portal does not guarantee candidates employment at the Emirates Foundation.


  • Employers shall be licensed and already existing entities. Employers who do not meet the requirements, regulations, and policies of Dawamee Program will be rejected, especially in the event of providing false information. The Program reserves the right to disqualify and remove any employer at any time in accordance with the abovementioned.
  • Employers must not be individuals.
  • Upon activating the account and publishing jobs or relevant candidates, employers must employ individuals in part-time or remote job opportunities that are listed or have been listed on Dawamee Portal.
  • Employers shall conduct interviews with candidates through the Portal.
  • Employers may not request personal or financial data about candidates registered in the database as part of the employment application or employment announcement. Such data includes social security, credit card, or bank account numbers.
  • Any business opportunity which includes an investment requirement may not be posted.
  • Jobs that are solely commission-based may not be posted.

Dawamee Program reserves the right, and according to its absolute discretion, to suspend any accounts which intentionally or explicitly violate the Program’s policies and terms of use, misuse its services in any form, and/or are not aligned with the objective of the Program’s service.
Both employers and jobseekers consent to the rights and obligations stipulated in the Employers’ Policy and Jobseekers’ Policy that are found in ‘Your Rights’ section on the Portal’s homepage.