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About Dawamee

Dawamee is a key program of Emirates Foundation. The program, through organizational partnerships, aims to create new and flexible employment opportunities for UAE citizens, by leveraging an advanced online portal which offers Emirati nationals flexible part-time and remote jobs in various sectors to meet market demand.

Dawamee Website Objectives

  • Establishing a network between UAE citizens who are seeking flexible employment to organizations from various sectors in the UAE.
  • Raising awareness of flexible employment opportunities, both part-time and remote, across all sectors.
  • Facilitating the access of UAE citizens to part-time and remote jobs listed on Dawamee Portal.
  • Creating new employment opportunities and collaborating with various sectors to meet employers’ increasing demands for flexible employment.


Age Group

UAE Citizens of the age 18 and above Priority is given to groups facing employment challenges such as people of determination , low income individuals, and residents of remote regions


Website Services
  • Providing a free online portal to establish a connection between employers and jobseekers.
  • Supporting and facilitating the employment of Emirati talents to align with the national Emiratization policy.
  • Equipping UAE citizens with the skills needed to help them succeed and motivate them to seek employment in public and private sectors.


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