Sanid Competition 2018 – Team (3) – (Abu Dhabi\Al Ain\Al Dhafra) ( SANID )

27 Oct 2018 - 27 Oct 2018

Start Date
27 Oct 2018
End Date
27 Oct 2018
Abu Dhabi

Sanid Competition 2018 – Team (3) – (Abu Dhabi\Al Ain\Al Dhafra)


Sanid Program is pleased to organize the “Sanid Competition” for this year, and is keen to measure its volunteers’ readiness to respond to an emergency situation. Volunteers will be given the opportunity to apply the gained skills learned from our trainings.


*What is Sanid Competition 2018?

Sanid Program will organize Sanid Competition 20018 during October 2018. Which will consist of 3 teams in 3 different regions in UAE:

§  Team #1 (UAQ + RAK + Eastern Region)

§  Team #2(Dubai + Sharjah + Ajman)

§  Team #3 (AD + Al Ain + Al Dhafrah)


The “Winner Team” from the above teams will compete against each other in The Final Competition that will be organized by end of 2018.

*The Competition will be organized in indoor facilities as follows:

·         Team: #3

·         Location: Abu Dhabi (TBC)

·         Date: Sat, October 27, 2018

·         Time: 9 am – 4 pm

·         Target: Abu Dhabi + Al Ain + Al Dhafrah Volunteers

·         Challenges:

o   Lifting and carrying victims on a stretcher

o   Fire Safety

o   CPR

o   Radio Communication

o   Dealing with Bleeding and Burns

o   Dealing with Fractures



*Participation Conditions in “Sanid Competition 2018”:

1)      Volunteer must have completed a minimum of Sanid Basic Disaster / Emergency Response training.

2)      Every volunteer has the right to participate in one team only.

3)      All team members must update and complete their documents on the Emirates Foundation website.

4)      Each team consists of 10 volunteers, including the team leader.

5)      The team should be composed of 50% Emirati members.

6)      The distribution should be fair between members of the team from both genders (males and females).

7)      Team leader should give equal participation tasks to his team members during the challenge.

8)      If at least one member of the team does not participate in the challenges, “penalty time” will be added to the team.

9)      A specific time has been allocated for each challenge to complete each task, the time is determined by the Judge.

10)   Points will be granted based on completing each task correctly and on speed in completing the challenge.

11)   10 points will be deducted for any technical mistake during each challenge.

12)   The Winner Team is the one who complete all challenges in less time frame.

13)   The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Winning Teams will be honored on stage.

14)   The volunteer who fails to meet any of the above conditions, will not be allowed to participate in the Competition.

**You can participate in one Competition only!
: No volunteers will be allowed to enter the Competition without prior registration.



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