7th Ramadan Aman – Sanid (RAK) ( sanid )

17 May 2018 - 17 Jun 2018

Start Date
17 May 2018
End Date
17 Jun 2018
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7th Ramadan Aman Campaign – SANID RAK


Dear Sanid Volunteers,


Sanid Program is pleased to invite you to participate at the 7th Ramadan Aman campaign activity that aims to have a holy month without accidents. The volunteers’ main role will be distributing Iftar packages to cars on traffic lights. Your participation will discourage drivers from speeding as they rush home to break their fast. Please read more details below:


·         Date: 1-30 Ramadan (May 17 – June 17)

·         Time: 6 pm – 10 minutes after Maghreb time

·         Location: Abu Dhabi as follows:




From 1-9 Ramadan

From 10-19 Ramadan


Fish Market Bump - Al-Muayrith


Police Officers Club Signal


RAK Mall Signal


Manar Mall Signal


Indian School Bump - Al-mutaser street


Central Post – Signal








·         Volunteer Roles:

o   Distribute iftar packages to cars before Maghrib time – when other volunteers are not avaialble

o   Provide First Aid Care, when needed

o   Crowd Management – when requested by police

o   Supporting Takatof Volunteers



Registration Conditions:

·         Registered as a Sanid Volunteer

·         Completed level 2 Sanid training and/or above

·         Upload all required and updated documents into Sanid system



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