DAWAMEE is one of Emirates Foundations key flagship programs and a first of its kind digital platform established with the sole purpose of empowering UAE Nationals across the UAE with access to remote and part time job opportunities that match their potential in diverse fields and sectors in the UAE through Dawamee portal.

DAWAMEE is targeted at UAE Nationals who are 18 years and above and key priority is given to groups, who are facing distinct employment challenges such as people of determination, low income individuals and those living at remote locations across the UAE.


Establishing Partnerships across a wide spectrum of sectors

Facilitating access to partial and remote job opportunities through Dawamee portal

Raising awareness about flexible employment options, whether part-time or remote job opportunities.

DAWAMEE Portal Benefits:

  • The portal provides cost effective solutions for companies and corporations by offering them access to remote and flexible employees, who possess the right skills and knowledge.
  • Providing a free online platform to get together employers with UAE job seekers
  • The portal promotes the employment of UAE Nationals in line with the National Emiratization Agenda.
  • The portal provides UAE Nationals with the necessary skills and experiences and motivates them to seek employment in the private sector.