Kayani Programme was launched in 2012 as an initiative by the Emirates Foundation for Youth Development.

Teacher Assistant Programme

“Teacher Assistant” initiative is one of Kayani’s projects that is considered a qualitative leap and an innovative initiative in the educational process in the UAE and the Middle East.

It aims to train young Emiratis who haven’t completed their higher studies and are consequently unemployed, and empower them to work as teacher assistants in public schools.

  • Target Group: Young Emiratis across the UAE who have graduated from secondary schools or who haven’t completed higher studies
  • Age Group: Young Emiratis aged 18-35
  • Programme Duration: 12 months divided into 2 stages; Theoretical phase and Practical phase
  • Location: Participants will be distributed according to the emirate
  • Certificate: At the end of the programme the graduates will receive certificate accredited from the British University