Vision & Mission

The Emirates Foundation is an independent philanthropic organisation set up by the Government of Abu Dhabi to facilitate public-private funded initiatives to improve the welfare of people across the UAE.

We work to inspire, empower and guide the youth of the UAE to ensure a sustainable future for the nation.


We work in partnership with the private and public sectors using venture philanthropy and engagement programs to positively and permanently impact the lives of youth through:

  • Researching, educating and informing on issues facing young people.
  • Mobilising young people to give back, volunteer and participate.
  • Developing enterprise based solutions to social issues.


Our New Approach

  • Focus on a few challenges
  • Develop market-based solutions
  • Target financial-viability as a part of defined exit strategy
  • Provide "more than money" to achieve viable growth
  • Measure and report impact against a few agreed KPls


Our Strategy