Social Inclusion

Our Social Inclusion programs provide our young citizens with the opportunity to participate in meaningful employment, community engagement, give them a voice to reach and work with other young people to identify solutions based on best practices.

A socially inclusive society is one where citizens feel valued and have the opportunity to fully participate. This means providing young people with the opportunities and capability to learn by participating in education and training, to partake in meaningful employment, through community engagement and by having a voice to influence decisions that affect them. 


The Social Inclusion programs aim to:

Engage with young people through social enterprises in rural areas, empowering youth to be financially literate, support young people to continue their education, and facilitate youth with disabilities to access training and employment opportunities.

Understand challenges and obstacles that prevent young people in the UAE from engaging in society and reaching their full potential.

Conduct action research and work with young people to identify solutions based on best practices.

Develop new programmes to address these needs and work to implement sustainable solutions.