Think Science

Think Science empowers Emirati Youth to innovate in science. It is a platform for youth and industries to connect & develop local talent. Young ambassadors for science and industry are encouraged to solve global issues. Think Science nurtures youth interested in innovating in all fields of science.

Emirates Foundation “Think Science” program aims to inspire, encourage, and empower Emirati youth, between the ages of 15 and 35 years, to choose science as a field of study and career path and respond to the nation’s demand for science talents.

The program has three interrelated layers:


A nationwide competition exploring scientific talents.


Inspiring, encouraging and recognizing youth to further develop their knowledge and analytical thinking, and participate in solving local and global technological issues.


A platform connecting youth interested in science, providing a sustainable interaction platform between young science ambassadors and science industries, thus creating an “Emirati science talents” database accessible to relevant key stakeholders.


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