Kafa'at delivers career development projects to inspire and empower young nationals. It creates programs to develop in-roads to employment in the private sector. Kafa'at helps Emirati youth to pursue career opportunities through cooperation with multiple stakeholders in corporate and academic institutions.

Emirates Foundation Kafa'at Program aims to unlock Emirati talent and develop career pathways to the private sector. The programme has established a successful model of co-creating programs with multiple stakeholders and partners across the entire social spectrum in the UAE to deliver long-term solutions that benefit all parties.


The Kafa'at programme designs and delivers career development projects that help inspire and empower young nationals to choose the right field of education and pursue their chosen career. Kafa’at also works in cooperation with education, academic and corporate institutions to provide opportunities to facilitate optimal preparation for youth's future career paths.


More information about the programme can be found on www.kafaat.ae , or by contacting Program 800-SHABAB (800-742222)