Esref Sah

The Esref Sah programme educates our youth on ways to manage their current and future financial and asset base. It encourages better management of debt and provides learning opportunities on how to create a positive relationship with their finances. The programme will grow to become a nation-wide financial curriculum.

 "Esref Sah has emerged as an increasingly important issue notably in light of the global recession where managing debt effectively emerged as a very salient subject. We want to be able to help young people in the UAE learn how to avoid excessive debt and manage their finances such that they can provide for themselves and their loved ones throughout their life time." HE Sheikh Sultan Bin Tahnoon. Managing Director, Emirates Foundation.

The Esref Sah programme intends to build a national program that addresses challenges facing young people in relation to managing their personal finances and notably, debt. Research has shown that young people around the world and particularly in the UAE, often struggle to manage the wide array of sources of debt and often do not have sufficient Esref Sah to manage their future asset base.

The Foundation identifies opportunities to collaborate with key stakeholders, experts, banks, private sector, existing financial programs and interested parties to build a long-term nation-wide financial curriculum that is sustainable and scalable.

More information about the programme can be found on , or by contacting Program 800-SHABAB (800-742222)