Our Programs

Putting the power in the hands of young people and harnessing that power for the greater good of the community, the nation, and the youth is a noble and admirable goal. To place the power of governance of an organisation in the hands of our youth and create and nurture youth empowerment initiatives will ultimately lead to the success of our empowerment and engagement programs which manifests into positive intentional and tangible social change for our nation.

As a non-profit foundation, The Emirates Foundation takes a collaborative and hands-on approach by engaging a diverse network of partners, such as companies, government entities, NGOs and educational institutions.

This approach is realised by applying programs within a three-pillar strategy among young social entrepreneurs and UAE youth:

Social inclusion

Community engagement

Leadership and empowerment

By maintaining the values of compassion, transparency, integrity and entrepreneurship, The Emirates Foundation enforces these values internally to position themselves as leaders in the social entrepreneurship environment of the UAE and give credibility and legitimacy of their efforts to promote them externally.